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Burr Ridge, IL Real Estate

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Burr Ridge, IL Real Estate Market Trends

The Burr Ridge housing market shows competitive dynamics. Last month, homes in Burr Ridge were sold at a median price of $526K, indicating a significant increase of 14.3% from the previous year. The market also reflects an upward trend in the median sale price per square foot, now at $268, up by 13.1% since last year. On average, homes in Burr Ridge receive 4 offers and typically sell in about 67 days​​.


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Burr Ridge, Illinois, is a captivating location known for its blend of natural beauty and suburban charm. Nestled in a serene environment, it offers residents a peaceful and scenic living experience. This area, characterized by its lush landscapes and well-planned neighborhoods, provides a perfect balance between nature and modern amenities.

Explore Burr Ridge to discover its rich array of amenities, historical sites, top-notch schools, diverse neighborhoods, and attractions. Christos S. Papanastatos invites you to search for the finest houses for sale, ensuring you find a home that truly reflects the unique allure of Burr Ridge.

Burr Ridge Housing Market & Neighborhood FAQs

Learn more about Burr Ridge

Burr Ridge, IL offers a variety of real estate options, including upscale single-family homes, luxury estates, condos, and townhomes. Buyers can also find vacant lots suitable for custom builds, giving them the flexibility to design their dream homes.

The average price range for homes in Burr Ridge varies depending on the type of property and location. Single-family homes typically start in the mid-range, while luxury estates and custom-built properties often reach higher price points.

Yes, Burr Ridge has new construction homes that feature contemporary designs and the latest amenities. These new developments often offer customizable features, energy-efficient designs, and access to community amenities.

Burr Ridge is known for its peaceful, suburban atmosphere, excellent schools, and high quality of life. The area provides access to shopping, dining, and recreational opportunities, while its proximity to Chicago allows for easy commuting.

Yes, Burr Ridge is home to an impressive collection of luxury properties, offering expansive estates with beautiful landscaping, swimming pools, and custom features. These high-end residences are often located in gated communities or exclusive neighborhoods.

Neighborhoods like Burr Ridge Club, Devon Ridge, and Falling Waters are known for their family-friendly environments. These areas offer access to reputable schools, parks, and community amenities, providing a safe and welcoming setting.

Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy Burr Ridge's extensive parks and nature trails, which offer opportunities for hiking, biking, and fishing. The community also features sports facilities and golf courses, providing activities for a wide range of interests.

Yes, Burr Ridge provides investment opportunities due to its stable property values and high demand for upscale homes. Investing in rental properties, fixer-uppers, or new developments can yield significant returns in this desirable area.

Burr Ridge has a strong job market with opportunities in healthcare, retail, and education. Additionally, its location near major highways allows for easy commuting to Chicago, providing access to a broader range of industries.

Burr Ridge is well-suited for remote workers, with many homes featuring dedicated office spaces and access to high-speed internet. The area's peaceful environment, cafes, and coworking spaces offer a productive setting for those working from home.

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